Kilta-sali is a unique event restaurant in Kamppi right in the center of Helsinki. It was built in 1952 and designed by a famous Finnish architect Einari Teräsvirta. The architectural style of Kilta-sali represents pure functionalism which can be seen in Kilta’s simple and elegant design. It is truly a beauty with a historical background!

Kilta-sali is a perfect venue for versatile events. It serves business customers having meetings and seminars as well as customers organizing stylish dinner occasions and other private events.

The grand ball room of Kilta-sali is an elegant space with beautiful high windows leading loads of natural light into the room. The ball room is suitable for 20 – 250 people and equiped with a stage, high quality AV-system and of course WiFi-connection.

In addition to the ball room, a restaurant hall (for 10 – 120 people) and two small cabinets are available for Kilta-sali’s customers. Kilta offers a nice set up for 10-300 guests and holds up to 250 events every year.

Kilta-sali is not only an event venue. It is a restaurant serving Scandinavian flavors by Kilta’s head chef Lauri Laamanen. In Kilta every season has its own variation of menus from the seasons best ingredients accompanied with high quality wines and other beverages.

Looking for a nice activity for you team?

Kilta-sali helps also in this case and invites you to take part in a private and relaxed Share Cooking School. Share Cooking School is an activity in which your team gets to cook, socialize, relax and most of all enjoy of delicious flavors. Ask more about the cooking schools from the Kilta-sali sales.


Lapinrinne 1
00180 Helsinki


Open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Pilvi Jansson
045 7750 3064
029 193 8810
[email protected]